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Outfits I Saw While Walking Around NYC

Over the weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a conference in New York City. I’d only visited NYC once or twice in the past, but loved every second of my time there and was excited to return for this weekend trip. As an outsider exploring the city, I’ll admit that everything had a more romantic edge: the food, the architecture, the art, and (my personal favorite) the fashion. Considering that New York City is labeled as one of the fashion capitals of the world, I kept an eye out for what the general fashion trends were and how I might be able to incorporate them into my own wardrobe. Whenever I saw an outfit that stood out to me, I recorded it in my notes app and tried to track it down online. So if you’re a fellow NYC-obsessed person like me, or are unsure what you should wear next time you visit the city, here are what the general vibes were from my visit during the spring/summer 2022 season.


The most common outfits I saw during my visit were sundresses. From mini to maxi–there were sundresses of every shape, size, and color. One of the first sundresses I spotted right after leaving Moynihan Train Hall was this Colby Dress from Hunter Bell NYC. Being a New York-based fashion designer, it seems fitting that Bell’s motto is “Don’t dress THE part, dress YOUR part”--which perfectly encapsulates the daring and individualistic tone I saw from everyday NYC fashion. I found it especially fitting considering this was the first outfit that stood out to me as I stepped off the train, and it gave me high expectations for the outfits I hoped to find over the duration of my stay.

Colby Dress by Hunter Bell NYC

Bucket hats.

A common accessory I found around NYC was bucket hats. With tall skyscrapers and a lack of tree coverage, walking around NYC in the spring/summer can be extremely hot and sunny. Reflecting this fact, I saw many people wearing hats to offer sun protection. Near Times Square Tower, one person was wearing this black bucket hat with blue embroidered butterflies. You can find this specific hat on several websites, including Walmart and Etsy.

InfinityStyleCo on Etsy

Button-up shirts.

Often paired with shorts and skirts, I saw an abundance of button-up shirts around New York City. At this point, I was extremely surprised by the number of bright colors and patterns I was seeing in these outfits, as I usually associated cities with dark and neutral color palettes. However, I was proved wrong once again when I spotted someone with this striped zigzag button-up shirt from Pull&Bear, which is owned by the same company that owns ZARA.

Striped Zigzag Short Sleeve Shirt by Pull&Bear

Mini backpacks.

One of the things I love most about New York City is its diversity. Looking around, you can find people (and fashion brands) from all over the world. Outside my hotel, I saw someone with this Bergen Small Sandstone Backpack made by Germany-based accessory brand Kapten & Son. Chic and convenient, mini backpacks are especially useful for city-living, as they’re not bulky, which helps when weaving in and out of crowded streets. The Kapten & Son website supports this idea in its mission statement, which explains how they strive “to inspire passion for adventure – whether it’s navigating the daily urban jungle or exploring far-away places.”

Bergen Small Sandstone by Kapten & Son

Coordinating two-pieces.

Again with the bright, bold patterns–NYC really surprised me with this. During my visit, I saw countless people walking around with these matching two-piece sets (think Cher’s yellow outfit from Clueless). One extremely eye-catching two-piece, which I saw at my conference, was the Printed Pocket Shirt and Printed Pajama-Style Pants from ZARA. Being more of a reserved and quiet person, I was floored by the amount of confidence this person had to pull off such a bold outfit. Seeing this made me want to push myself and explore more statement pieces within my wardrobe.

Printed Pocket Shirt and Printed Pajama-Style Pants from ZARA

Final thoughts.

As I sit here reflecting on my weekend in New York City, I can’t help but notice how each of these pieces seems to perfectly represent the city–diverse, practical, and lively. I think it further proves just how important fashion is in representing each individual and highlighting their uniqueness. Overall, my visit to New York City has furthered my desire to learn more about fashion and this influential industry, and I will be using the outfits I found as inspiration in refining my personal style.

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