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Start Wearing Your Lipstick as Blush

Blush is an integral part of any makeup routine. Especially after applying foundation or concealer, blush brings color back into your complexion and draws some attention to the rest of your face–creating a more balanced look. But it can be challenging to find the perfect blush that doesn’t leave you looking too flushed. Luckily, there’s a makeup hack for achieving the perfect blush that’s used by both celebrities and makeup artists and one that I guarantee you’ll soon be incorporating into your everyday makeup routine—using lipstick as blush.

If you’re skeptical of this hack, take a look at this Vogue article featuring Topshop beauty consultant Hannah Murray. In the article, Murray explains how using lipstick as blush is a simple way to both add color to your cheeks and simplify your routine, “I'll often use lipstick as blusher on shoots, or even on myself—just blending it in with my fingers. It looks fresh, it shouldn't be something you have to labor over." Celebrities Camille Rowe and Jeanne Damas also use this technique in their “Vogue Beauty Secrets” videos on Youtube.

Source: Camille Rowe “Vogue Beauty Secrets” on Youtube.

It is important to note that not every lipstick can be applied as a blush. In the same Vogue article, Murray explains how you might not have success with lipsticks that are too matt or glossy. Applying lipstick over a powdered face is also a recipe for disaster, as the lipstick will mix with the powder and result in pilling or a weird texture on the skin. In my daily routine, I apply my moisturizer and concealer first before going in with the Rosso Valentino Lipstick in 100R-Roman Grace on my cheeks and nose. I find that this lipstick is the perfect consistency and color, as it blends seamlessly and complements my fair complexion. Murray also recommends the Clinique Chubby Stick, but reaffirms that most brands of lipsticks will work. I suggest experimenting with the lipsticks you already own before going out to buy new ones, as the entire idea behind this makeup hack is that it's simplistic and affordable (because you most likely already have lipstick in your makeup bag).

Source: Jeanne Damas Vogue France on Youtube.

Overall, using your lipsticks as blush is a fantastic way to simplify your daily makeup routine and ensure that your cheek color always compliments your lip color. This is the first “trendy” makeup hack that I use regularly, so I highly recommend trying it out for yourself.

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