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Affordable Summer Activities Based on Your Zodiac

Finding fun activities to do over the summer can be challenging, especially when you’re not looking to spend a lot of money. Whether it be alone or with friends, here are some affordable things you can do this summer based on your zodiac sign.

*While these activities are based on what I think best fits each sign, feel free to use any of these recommendations as inspiration for your next summer adventure!

Aries - Try Geocaching

For the ambitious and competitive sign who is always up for a new challenge, geocaching is a great activity for Aries. You’ll get the opportunity to embrace your inner Indiana Jones or Lara Croft as you follow hints given by the free Geocaching app, which leads to hidden containers called geocaches.


Taurus - Do an At-Home Spa Night

Taurus are all about luxury, and there’s no better way to treat yourself on a budget than doing a DIY spa night. Put on some relaxing music, light some candles, paint your nails, and create homemade face masks from items in your kitchen.

Gemini - Host a No-Recipe Cooking/Baking Competition

Described as spontaneous and adaptable, Geminis should try challenging themselves (and their friends) to cook or bake something without a recipe. You can even turn it into a competition, where the person who creates the best-tasting dish wins.

Cancer - Attend Studio Ghibli Fest

Cancers are known for being emotionally mature, sensitive, and creative. These traits are the epitome of Studio Ghibli films, which are shown every year on specific dates during Studio Ghibli Fest. Tickets to see these films are around $12 and it’s perfect for a date night, a movie night with friends, or a relaxing night to yourself.

Source: @ghibliusa on Instagram.

Leo - Participate in a Karaoke Night

With Spotify releasing a brand new Spotify Karaoke mode, which not only displays the lyrics of a song but now rates your singing out of 100, it’s the perfect opportunity for Leos to have a karaoke night. Known for being theatrical and passionate, this is every Leo’s chance to shine.

Virgo - Go to an Open House

You don’t have to be looking to buy to attend an open house. It’s a unique and free way to explore interesting properties and to get inspiration for your own house–something that suits the analytical and practical nature of Virgos. Just remember to be respectful while you’re there!

Libra - Create Flower Arrangements

Fans of organizing and aesthetics, Libras will take pleasure in creating DIY flower arrangements. Many grocery stores and farmers' markets allow you to buy inexpensive flowers that you can combine to create your own gorgeous arrangements. Going on a nature walk and picking wildflowers is also fun (and free–just make sure you’re only picking invasive species). This is a great idea for an afternoon with friends, or you can make it into a surprise and give them mini bouquets with flowers that remind you of them.

Source: @podandpip on Instagram.

Scorpio - Mix Up Some Mocktails/Cocktails

Nothing beats sipping on a cool drink on a hot summer day, and nothing is sexier than knowing how to create a delicious mocktail or cocktail. For the mysterious and sexy Scorpio signs, consider taking some time this summer to experiment with drink recipes and dazzle your friends or significant other with your skills.

Sagittarius - Find Hidden Gems in Your Area

Sagittarius are always looking for an adventure, and the good news is that you don’t have to travel far to find one. There are hidden gems in every community–you just have to find them. Maybe it’s an abandoned building or a unique café, begin by doing some research into your area and see what you can find. Here’s a good place to start if you’re around Boulder.

Capricorn - Start a Windowsill Garden

Summer is the perfect time to start a windowsill garden, and Capricorns, who are characterized by their patience and dedication, are the perfect signs to do this. Consider keeping a journal to track your plants as well.

Source: @sustainable.collective on Instagram.

Aquarius - Volunteer or Offer to Help a Neighbor

Aquarius are progressive thinkers and are always looking for ways to make the world a better place. Instead of doing something for yourself this summer, try doing something for others by volunteering. This can be as simple as offering to water your neighbor's plants while they’re away–there’s always someone out there looking for some extra help.

Pisces - Draw Along with Disney Sketchbook

Disney+ launched a new original series called SKETCHBOOK, which shows viewers how to draw their favorite characters step-by-step along with Disney artists. This is the perfect activity for any Pisces, who can express their creativity and empathy as they draw and listen along to the stories of the artists. Again, this would be great for couples, friends, or solo. For those who don’t have Disney+, Youtube also has a bunch of similar art tutorials!

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