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Green Flags Based on Your Favorite Kardashian-Jenner

With the premiere of Hulu’s The Kardashians, the controversy surrounding Kim wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress to the Met Gala, and the marriage of Kourtney and Travis Barker, the Kardashians are once again a hot topic of conversation online. Amid these debates, we’ve decided to have a little fun and compile a list of green flags based on your favorite Kardashian-Jenner family member.

Khloe Kardashian.

If you prefer Khloe, you’re considered the comedian in your friend group. You have all the best comebacks and people know to expect a ton of laughs when they hang out with you. You’re also very honest and not afraid to speak your mind when something isn’t right. Even if your friend says they’re okay, you’re good at reading people and knowing when something is wrong.

Kourtney Kardashian.

If you identify the most with Kourtney, you’re a very laid-back person. It takes a lot to upset you and your friends and family often look to you as a mediator. You’re very loyal and don’t look to other people for approval. You also know all the best tips and tricks for living a healthier life and are up-to-date on the latest trendy healthy foods and all-natural beauty products.

Kim Kardashian.

If Kim is your favorite Kardashian, you’re likely a very hard-working, career-oriented person. You value self-sufficiency and you’re not afraid to try something new. A natural-born leader, people look to you for advice, whether it be on a significant life-changing decision or simply what outfit would look best on a night out.

Kendall Jenner.

If Kendall is your favorite, you’ve definitely been told: “you’re so mature for your age” at least once in your life. You’re generally a very independent person, and you’re good at recognizing toxic relationships before they get too out of hand. A lover of all things fashion, you always know the right outfit to wear for any occasion.

Kris Jenner.

If you enjoy Kris the most, you might be labeled as the “mom friend” in your group. You’re a very caring person, and you enjoy hyping up your friends–so everyone knows to come to you if they need a good wing person. When posting a group photo on Instagram, you always make sure to choose the photo everyone looks good in.

Kylie Jenner.

If you vibe with Kylie, you’re not someone who sticks to one thing. You have many interests which have resulted in you having a plethora of knowledge–which always seems to come in handy in the most unlikely of situations. Your friends always look to you to help plan the next hangout session because of your adventurous spirit.

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