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A College Student’s Guide To Perfume

The candle crackles to release a lavender-vanilla scent as I let my eyelids flutter shut. I lean my head back against the wall of the tub and take a deep breath, enjoying the serenity. One more minute and I gently towel off and prepare for the night ahead. I perfect the finishing touches on my red lip, fasten my necklace, and pick out a treasured pair of shoes. My favorite part of my routine is here… perfume.

A spritz for the neck, some for the wrist, and one last spray on the chest to give me a certain je ne sais quoi. I open my cabinet and see rows of fragrances. What to choose, what to choose?

I lovingly traced my freshly polished nails over the matte midnight boxes etched with gold patterns. Oakcha’s “Sweet Addict,” “Sweven,” and “Crazy Good” fragrances seem to beg me to choose them. What a tough decision: do I want to smell like a cabin deep in the woods, a sweet sugary spring day, or a whiff of fresh air? I love Oakcha. Their collection comprises feminine, masculine, and in-between scents. Consumers can take a quick five-second quiz, and the rotating perfumes of the week allow everyone to find a scent that’s for them. An additional touch that puts Oakcha ahead, is that there are no perfumes over $50. It is a treat to smell luxurious without the cost of buying luxury.

Source: Oakcha

But then my eyes fall upon her Caroline Herrera “Good Girl” perfume. What a guilty pleasure. The fragrance’s presentation, its long-lasting scent, and its essence are just immaculate. Coming in a wide array of colors and scents, the Caroline Herrera “Good Girl” perfume is encased in a bottle modeled to look like a high heel. This fragrance is a brilliant addition to any collection, as it provides unique characteristics in its construction. It is pricey, but you get a bang for your buck. Isn’t having a shoe-shaped perfume bottle everyone’s dream? The scent elevates one’s aesthetic to a level of perfection that is unmatched anywhere else.

Source: Amazon

I smile as my eyes fall upon the classic Red Door perfume. The scent is what everyone thinks of when they think of perfume. It is a light scent with notes of lily, jasmine, and honey. This fragrance is perfect for anyone on a budget because it smells designer, but, from the right places (Walmart and Ulta), this scent can be $30-40. It is an excellent choice for a nice dinner, a small party, or anything slightly more formal than usual.

Source: Amazon

Next, I turn to my tiny Jo Malone set. I treasure the Jo Malone London Cologne Discovery Collection I got for $20 from Sephora. That’s right! A designer brand perfume for $20—what a steal! The group of scents included in this package is “Wood Sage and Sea Salt,” “English Pear and Freesia,” “Peony and Blush Suede,” “Wild Bluebell,” and “Nectarine Blossom and Honey.” These scents are made by a renowned designer brand. This purchase is so worth it. One light douse will stay on the skin all day. The blend is stunning and brings out confidence.

Source: Sephora

Last, but not least, Bath and Body Works produces quality fragrances at a reasonable price. I never know where they stand in the public’s view; sometimes they are seen as overwhelming or a little girly, and other times they are viewed as stellar for the scents that they release. There is nothing better than the “Into the Night” fragrance mist from this brand. Sophisticated, lavish, and timeless. It is a must-try for anyone interested in colognes and perfumes as it is only $15.50.

Source: Amazon

What perfume to choose today? There are endless possibilities. I decide to leave it up to Roam Readers. Which of these scents calls your name?

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