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Welcome to Our Oasis: An Introduction to the Roam Blog

Welcome to our Oasis! At Roam we see an Oasis as a piece of paradise, and this summer we are creating our own. Roam introduces our brand new Blog!

Roam’s Blog aims to represent a diverse compilation of voices in order to cultivate a platform that engages and inspires dialogue surrounding four major topics. Roam provides quality insight on Culture, Entertainment, Fashion, and Lifestyle. Through its journalistic integrity, Roam’s Blog seeks to deliver a variety of perspectives to engage with its readers through a new platform.

For those who want to dip their toe in the Roam oasis this summer, we will be treating you to the best trails to hike, insights on must-watch movies, sneak peaks of the hottest trends in fashion, and an inside look at student-life during summer in Boulder. Come with us on this exciting adventure as we showcase an entire team of writers, creators, and fashionistas!

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